A Life as a Teacher

Hot off the press!! – Some of our Eagles students were asked to do some investigative journalism, interviewing their teacher about their day, creating the following report:

Every morning 7.30 AM the teachers enter the school gates and begin their day of teaching, often looking forward to seeing the students for another brilliant day. Our teacher is serious but she is kind hearted and hard working. The first lesson a teacher teaches is normally English for an hour and a half, we have a reading lesson first and then a writing lesson afterwards. Then, the teachers have 15 minutes break, whilst we students go and play. After that, they head straight into teaching math for 1 hour and we learn different methods and work on different things.

Teachers give feedback when marking our books, green means we have room to grow and pink means perfect. We asked our teacher if they could be an animal what would they choose and she said she’d be a giraffe as they are her favourite and her favourite colour is a peachy pink. Our teacher got the interest of teaching from teaching people with disability and then began her career in teaching at another primary school and then came to our school. Her favourite thing about teaching is when we learn to do something knew or when we realise that we know something that we thought we didn’t know.

When she is at home she likes to walk her dog, cook and do some gardening all of these things she does are normally served with a cup of tea. A quote from our teacher ‘I love teaching, particularly at Long Wittenham. The children are fantastic here.’ The funniest thing that has happened when our teacher has been teaching was when she was teaching key stage 1 about grouping and they were using counting bears, our teacher realised a child was actually playing teddy bear picnics!

At the end of the day the teachers leave at around 5.30pm, but they might still have work to do, somethings they only stop work at 9.00pm! Occasionally, the teachers will have a day of training to keep track on stuff and make sure they are doing the best job they can for us.
We think being a teacher must be quite fun but busy work.

By Margot, Dylan, Thomas and Harliee

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