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School Houses

At Long Wittenham School our students are grouped into houses named after local landmarks, connecting our children with our community’s rich history and the very land on which they learn.

Wessex (Blue):

Discover the House of Wessex, a fascinating replica of a 7th-century Anglo-Saxon house. Standing on the grounds where a significant building once stood, discovered in 2016, this house offers a glimpse into our local history. The original structure’s size and location suggest it might have been a royal residence of the Wessex Kingdom, adding a touch of heritage to our school community.

Trafalgar (Red):

In 2005, Long Wittenham became part of a nationwide initiative commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Tens of thousands of trees were planted across Britain, with 10,000 finding a home in our community. Fun fact: It took 5,000 mature oak trees to build just one ship for Admiral Nelson’s fleet!

Neptune (Green):

Neptune Wood, named after one of the ships in the Battle of Trafalgar, holds a special place in our hearts. Captain Sir Thomas Fremantle, commander of HMS Neptune, lived nearby. In 2005, local school children joined the effort to plant oak trees in Neptune Wood. Today, a beautiful willow structure stands tall, representing the mighty HMS Neptune and the collaborative spirit of our community.