Family Science Evening

12th March, 2020

As part of our science and engineering week, on Wednesday 11th of March we held a family competition to create rubber band powered cars. It was an evening gathering, and we had 11 fantastic and varied entries, making a lively and interesting competition.

The cars were made at home, and brought to the event. The range of designs was fascinating, from small to large, and simple to complex.

Mrs Richards, who led the event expressed surprise that it was very hard to predict at the beginning which of the designs would prove most effective in the long distance challenge.

In the end we had a spectacular display of engineering, with different approaches to propulsion including rubber band power rotor blades!

Some cars blew up spectacularly on the start line in a burst of energy, some veered off course, some went inches, and a few broke the 10 m barrier!

It was great fun, children, teachers, and parents all learned something about design, engineering, model making, trying again when things don’t work the first time, and teamwork.

Now we just await the outcome of the best design competition due to be announced at Friday’s special assembly.

We are a nut free school.

Families please note that we are strictly a nut free school. Please ensure that no nut products are brought into school or included in packed lunches (even on school trips). Please also ensure that no nut products are consumed within the school grounds at any time of day. Thank you.