We are a nut free school close

Our school is a nut free zone. No nuts, nut products or anything made in factories containing nuts must be brought onto the school site or taken on school trips.

Home-school work

24th March, 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

During this period of home learning, the following websites are invaluable to support online learning for your child/children.  

From now on, we will be posting work on Class Dojo , emailing out or posting to your home if requested, to enable your child to continue with their learning.  Please feel free to follow the links below which will take you to the websites we have shared with you:

Purple Mashhttps://www.purplemash.com/sch/longwittenhamchu 
White Rose Daily Home Learninghttps://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ 
Study Ladderwww.studyladder.co.uk
TT Rockstarshttps://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student
Oxford Owls (reading)https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/
Reading Eggs (Early Years and KS1)https://readingeggs.co.uk/
BBC Bitesizehttps://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

We will continue to work closely with you as parents to provide sufficient and appropriate work to keep your children busy, however we do not expect you to have to teach them new material.  Work set should make children think and support should be encouragement to give things a go, and praise when they have worked hard.  Class Dojo gives us some great resources to communicate directly with your child and you.

Should you wish to be provided with a ‘Work Pack’, please email the office directly.  Not all teachers will be in school at any one time, and this will ensure that the office is able to create and distribute these packs.  One pack a week will be issued.  If your child does not complete it in a week, they can carry on tasks into the subsequent weeks.  If they complete all the tasks, there are plenty of additional tasks to complete using online resources.  For those of you who are finding online learning a real challenge, please let your teacher(s) know so that they can put additional tasks in their work pack.

Time for fun

Many of you have shared your child’s daily routines with us last week and have had your child doing schoolwork for throughout the day.  There is no right or wrong amount of time to be spending on these tasks, and it is important for everyone’s health and well-being to include some of the following in that routine:


This can also include online classes and activities, of which there are numerous.

Creative time

Make time to draw, paint, colour or create something.  Building things out of Lego, creating cards or moving your furniture around in your bedroom.  


If you have a garden, get them planting and looking after them over the coming weeks.

Cookery & baking

If you have made something delicious and you want others to try it out too, share your recipe with us and we can post it on our school story.  We may even use them to create our own recipe book!

We suggest that you create a timetable that includes all of these within their day, and that their day runs across similar timings to a school day, with a mid morning break, an hours lunch break and a clear finish time so that they know ‘Home School’ is finished.

We are all here to help everyone during this difficult time, and as teachers we appreciate the daily contact and communication with you all.

Mrs Bellingham and Mrs Richards

We are a nut free school.

Families please note that we are strictly a nut free school. Please ensure that no nut products are brought into school or included in packed lunches (even on school trips). Please also ensure that no nut products are consumed within the school grounds at any time of day. Thank you.