Newsletter – 15th March 2024

Message from the Headteacher,

What a busy week it’s been here at Long Wittenham School! Here’s a glimpse into what’s been happening:

Running Club: Our first-ever running club session on Monday was an absolute blast! It was heart-warming to see so many enthusiastic runners having a great time. A huge thank you to Yiannis Michellis for volunteering and enabling this to happen.

Musical Marvels: Eagles Class visited Didcot Girls School on Wednesday to witness an orchestra performance. The talent on display left them truly inspired. It’s moments like these that enrich our students’ cultural experiences and broaden their horizons.

Easter Puppet Fun: Parrots Class was buzzing with creativity as volunteers from both our school and the wider community dropped by to help the class create some fantastic Easter hand puppets. A big thank you to our amazing PTA for providing the kits that made this craft session possible!

Spiritual Reflections: We were delighted to welcome Rev. Jo Allen back for another uplifting act of worship this week. The addition of balloons with hidden messages added an extra layer of joy and contemplation to the experience. And speaking of engaging storytelling, our Open the Book volunteers treated us to a captivating rendition of “The Widow’s Coins,” complete with comedic puppetry that had our children fully immersed in the story.

Scientific Wonders: The week concluded on a high note with Mark Warren leading an enthralling scientific workshop for Penguins Class. From exploring different types of waves to the sheer delight of levitating water, it was a hands-on learning experience that sparked curiosity and excitement in our young scientists.

We’re incredibly grateful for the dedication and support of our volunteers, parents and community members who help make these enriching experiences possible for our students. Together, we’re creating a vibrant learning environment where every child can thrive.

This week’s learning highlights:

  • Owls Class have been busy writing information leaflets about plants and conducting lots of experiments to see how they grow.
  • In Parrots Class, year 2 students delved into multiplication and division through storytelling with “Ten Toes” and explored counting in 10s through water colour art, creating imaginative images. They also enjoyed reading “The Diary of a Wombat”, discovering the antics of a cheeky character, and learned about the timeline of various castle types, enriching their historical understanding.
  • Eagles Class explored comparisons between Bronze Age life and modern-day living, deepening their understanding of history. They applied mathematical concepts by planning a garden, focusing on lengths and perimeters, while in English, they brainstormed ideas for an extra chapter in “Stig of the Dump.”
  • Penguins Class have published their persuasive letter and have planned a retelling of the story of The Three Trees.  In maths they have continues to learn to multiple and divide fractions and calculate percentages.

With Easter approaching, Miss Green is organizing an Easter Egg raffle where staff members are contributing eggs and ticket sales commence on March 25th. Additionally, a school-wide project to design an Easter Garden for church decoration is in the works, with further information to be provided next week. The PTA is also holding a Bunny Hop Challenge, so remember to gather sponsors for the event.

Next week the children will be completing assessments, so make sure they are well rested for Monday.  

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs. Fraser

RET Concert – An Introduction for Primary Schools, 13th March 2024

It has been an exciting week for Music in RET with pupils from Long Wittenham, All Saints, Hagbourne Primary Schools and students from DGS joining together in our first ever RET concert for primary schools.  We hope to inspire many young pupils in learning a musical instrument within the trust and taking their first steps on their musical journey. 

Pupils in year 4 have enjoyed the experience of a concert at Didcot Girls School this week including a performance from a full orchestra; this included over 90 students from RET and soloists on a range of instruments including violin, flute, bassoon, trombone and harp. Student Ambassadors led the event, introducing the performances from soloists and including interesting facts about the instruments and how sound is created. At the end of the concert, pupils had the opportunity to ‘meet a musician’ to ask questions and see the musical instruments up close.

By welcoming more primaries into the trust this year, and with the addition of a RET Primary Music Lead, we are looking forward to sharing more opportunities for music making. We are thrilled with the response to our first ever RET primary concert and are pleased to say that more is underway to extend musical opportunities further…watch this space!

​Mrs Melidis, RET Primary Music Lead

We are a nut free school.

Families please note that we are strictly a nut free school. Please ensure that no nut products are brought into school or included in packed lunches (even on school trips). Please also ensure that no nut products are consumed within the school grounds at any time of day. Thank you.