Newsletter – 20 May

Message from the Headteacher,

This week year 2 having been working hard on their SATs. Well done to all of them for trying so hard.

Today we have had a fantastic Maths Puzzle day. The younger children explored shape and space with large manipulatives and the older children had an escape room challenge which involved lots of problem solving. The children were a real credit to our school showing great team work and fantastic manners.

Thanks to all who came to the Pizza and film night. We have raised a total of £141. Thank you to staff and parents for volunteering on a Friday evening.

This week’s learning highlights are as follows:

  • Owls class have been writing stories about the queen visiting LongWittenham. They have also been designing stamps and coins. They have also been working on securing their number bonds to five (a little extra practice at home wouldn’t hurt).
  • Although Parrots have been busy with their assessments this week they have also had time to learn about the artist Hugh Locke. I had the pleasure of popping into the lesson and I learnt a lot about him and his work from the children. I’m looking forward to seeing their final collages inspired by his work.
  • Eagles have also been working hard on assessments this week and have been learning about time in maths (again this is an area where the children really benefit from regular repetition at home). The have also been learning about the Congolese rainforest and about skeletons and muscles.
  • Penguins have been writing their own stories based on the story of ‘Midas and his Golden Touch’. They have also been researching Ancient Greek Gods to include in their stories. With much excitement it was announced the Penguins class play will be The Wizard of Oz. Auditions for parts will be held on Monday.

Attendance: This week attendance was fantastic at 96%. Thank you all for all your efforts.


Please make sure your stamp designs are returned by next week for the Queen’s Jubilee competition.

The school day starts at 9:50am and the earliest children need to arrive is 8:40am (unless attending breakfast club).

Upcoming events

  • 23rd May – Forest School Owls &Y5
  • 23rd May – Supply teacher in Eagles
  • 24th May – Forest School Y1 & Y3
  • 27th May – Penguins Swimming
  • 13th June – Whole school trip to Marwell Zoo
  • 20th June – World Refugee Day with performance by a humanitarian magician 
  • 23rd June – Sports Day
  • 7th July – Penguins on school trip to Dorchester Abby
  • 14th July – Year 6 performance 16th July – Transition mornings
  • 19th July – Leavers assembly 12:30 in the church

We are a nut free school.

Families please note that we are strictly a nut free school. Please ensure that no nut products are brought into school or included in packed lunches (even on school trips). Please also ensure that no nut products are consumed within the school grounds at any time of day. Thank you.