Newsletter – 27th November

27th November, 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome to this week’s newsletter in our brand new
format. As we move into December and out of the 2nd
national lockdown, there is a lot of information to tell
you so here goes…

Remote Learning
By law, all children must be provided with remote learning
throughout the pandemic. Some children in our community have
had to carry out online learning while they wait for their
parent/sibling to receive COVID-19 test results. Where this is the
case, your child’s learning will be on Microsoft Teams.
In order to support you and your children, all homework will be set
on Teams from next week, making any possible future transition
into remote learning far smoother. Your teacher will have
contacted you and provided you with a login for your child so that
they can get access to Teams. The app can be downloaded onto any
phone, tablet, laptop or PC and this is the format we must use.
You may have also heard that the DfE are providing some families
with devices. Unfortunately, none of our families meet the criteria
for this. Please email your class teacher for support should you
have any queries.

Mrs Rowley is back in the building!
I am delighted to say that Mrs Rowley will be returning to school
next Wednesday (2nd December) following her shielding period. We
have risk assessed her return in order to keep her safe and I know
she is very excited to be seeing her class again who she has missed
very much! Live lesson streaming isn’t quite the same, but Owls
Class have been fantastic at continuing their learning like this.
Mrs Rowley and I would like to express a huge amount of thanks to
Clare Winterbourne for holding the fort and keeping things going,
as well as Hayley Shayler-Brown for stepping in to add to that
support while Mrs Rowley has been unable to come into school.
What an amazing team and this ‘togetherness through thick and
thin’ is what LWPS is all about. Thank you, ladies, you are all
worth your weight in gold!

Forest School
Forest school will resume in January provided the government
restrictions allow us to do so. We know that our children have
missed this very much, so we are looking forward to welcoming
Pieternel back to school. Your child’s teacher will let you know
which group they are in, but this should be the group they finished
in as we went into lockdown.

Christmas Cards
We are rapidly approaching Christmas and I know how much the
children love writing and delivering their Christmas cards. Due to
the risk of infection, please ensure that all Christmas cards are in
school and delivered to your child’s teacher or TA. They will then
put them in the red post box in the main reception where we will
hand them out in the last week of term only. This will enable us to
quarantine them until it is safe to hand them out to all of your
The deadline for doing this is Friday 11th December.

Christmas Lunch and Christmas Jumper

This year, Christmas lunch is going to be the day we all come
dressed in our Christmas jumpers/party outfits, on Wednesday 9th
December! For Owls and Parrots classes, they will have their lunch
in the hall between 11:45am and 12:30pm. KS2 will then all eat in
the hall together (they are all one bubble) from 12:30 – 1:15pm.
Nicky will be in touch soon with further details and to confirm
numbers for the day.

PTA Raffle Tickets
Just a quick reminder that we have spare raffle tickets available.
Just let Nicky know in the office and we will pop some in your
child’s book bag for you. We have some brilliant prizes this year
and as they say, ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it!’. The £100 cash
prize alone is worth a try. Please send money and ticket stubs into
school with your child.

I just wanted to thank you all for the fabulous attendance in
school at the moment. Every week I sit on a COVID briefing and we
discuss the huge challenges schools are facing at the moment. The
average primary school attendance in Oxfordshire is just 88.9% and
ours is top of the list at 98%! To date, 14,000 members of staff in
our county have been off either isolating or sick with this awful
virus and schools are having to close bubbles due to student/pupil
and staff illness/isolation.
I cannot express how lucky I feel we are to be safe and well and I
thank you for remaining in such good contact with us regarding
illnesses and concerns about the effect this virus is having on all of
us. There is absolutely no doubt that this has affected everyone is
one way or another and I am here for all of you, not just as your
Headteacher, but also as a means of accessing support if and when
you need it. Part of my job is accessing support for families, not
just children and I am more than happy to do this with you. All of
our jobs have changed exponentially since March and supporting
one another is hugely important to me.

And finally…
Teddy is very excited to be back in school following his operation a
few weeks ago. Thank you for your kind thoughts and well-wishes.
He has settled extremely well and is currently asleep at my feet
after having visited some of the classes and Breakfast Club to say
Thank you also for your ongoing support amid such change to our
daily lives.
Have a lovely peaceful (Christmas-tree-decorating??) weekend and
I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.
Warmest wishes,
Alison Bellingham BA (Hons) MEd CMgr FCMI

We are a nut free school.

Families please note that we are strictly a nut free school. Please ensure that no nut products are brought into school or included in packed lunches (even on school trips). Please also ensure that no nut products are consumed within the school grounds at any time of day. Thank you.