Newsletter – 4th December

4th December, 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome to this week’s newsletter. 2 more weeks of
term left and we are in the throes of doing everything
that we CAN do rather than focusing on what we can’t
do during this pandemic. The next 2 weeks are packed
with exciting things for the children and we will be
sharing these as we go!
Parrots and Owls Nativity Performance
The children have been practicing their performance and it is really
going to be fantastic! Today they have been trying on their
costumes and Miss Green has put up the backdrop ready for their
final rehearsals. Due to the fact that we are not allowed to sing in
groups of more than 10, they have been learning to sign the carols
too which makes this nativity all the more special.
Due to parental concerns about the risk of spreading the virus
during any potential live performance, we are sticking to our
original plan and will be recording the play for you all to watch and
keep for years to come. We will let you know more details about
this closer to the time.
Our New School Noticeboard
Catherine Harrison has arranged to have a new noticeboard made
for us by some amazing wood carvers at the Silva Foundation.
They would like to have some drawings of an owl, parrot, eagle and
a penguin which they are going to carve into it for us. We would
therefore like to get a competition going because whoever designs
the best bird, gets their design on our new noticeboard which will
be permanently displayed by our school gate. We will also put their
designs on our school website! Get drawing and hand in your
designs this Monday (not long!).
Reverse Advent Calendar
We are rapidly approaching the end of term and Monday 14th
December marks the deadline for all of our reverse advent calendar
donations to come into school. The kinds of things we are looking
for are:
Tins of ham Christmas Puddings
Tins of salmon/tuna etc. Mince pies
Tinned vegetables Pickles/Chutneys
Stuffing Crackers for cheese
Gravy granules Sweet biscuits
Cakes Chocolates
Sweets Toiletries
Many thanks for your continued support.
Christmas Cards
A friendly reminder that the deadline for Christmas cards is Friday
11th December. Please ensure that they are handed to the teacher
or TA and they will post them in the letter box in the main
reception. We will hand them all out in the last week of term.
Christmas Lunch and Christmas Jumper Day
Another reminder that Christmas lunch is going to be the day we
all come dressed in our Christmas jumpers/party outfits, on
Wednesday 9th December! Nicky has sent out the menu and we are
very much looking forward to this. Shhhhhh! We may even have a
special message from a special someone!
PTA Raffle Tickets
Just a quick reminder that we have spare raffle tickets available.
Just let Nicky know in the office and we will pop some in your
child’s book bag for you. We have some brilliant prizes this year
and as they say, ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it!’. The £100 cash
prize alone is worth a try. Please send money and ticket stubs into
school with your child.
A HUGE Thank You!
All staff in school have worked tirelessly to keep our school open,
cleaning all toilets, surfaces, door handles, chairs and equipment so
that we can make sure your children are safe with us. I cannot
express how very proud I am of all of my staff and would like to
extend my thanks to all of you too. To mark this, I would like to
create a display of thanks for staff with messages of support from
everyone in our school community. Should you have any messages,
please pass them onto Nicky or myself directly and I will make sure
they all see this. These are unprecedented times for us all and our
jobs in school have changed exponentially. I am incredibly proud of
them all and all that we have achieved.
And finally…
There have been lots of rumours of schools closing early for
Christmas in order to ensure whole school communities are virus free for the holiday period. All schools have been told by the DfE
that it will take out high court injunctions against any schools
that choose to do this. Their intention is that all schools will
remain open until the end of term.
For us, we will continue to do what we have been doing so well.
Should we end up with any positive cases at all, I will be on call to
work with Public Health England assisting them with Track and
Trace all the way up to Christmas Eve. When we get to that point
virus-free, we know we have had no positive cases in school. In
the meantime, please continue to do the fabulous work you have
been doing in letting us know of any illnesses your child/children
may have.
As always, we finish at 1:30pm on the last day of term – Friday 18th

Warmest wishes,
Alison Bellingham BA (Hons) MEd CMgr FCMI

We are a nut free school.

Families please note that we are strictly a nut free school. Please ensure that no nut products are brought into school or included in packed lunches (even on school trips). Please also ensure that no nut products are consumed within the school grounds at any time of day. Thank you.