We are a nut free school close

Our school is a nut free zone. No nuts, nut products or anything made in factories containing nuts must be brought onto the school site or taken on school trips.

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2019 End of Key Stage 2 SATs Results

We are delighted to share with you the huge success that our 2019 cohort of year 6 pupils have enjoyed!  They have all worked so incredibly hard and we wish them well on their next steps in secondary school. 

2019 SATs Results

Reading:  79% of pupils achieved the expected standard in reading, with 23% working at greater depth

Writing: 79% of pupils achieved the expected standard in writing, with 31% working at greater depth

Maths: 86% of pupils achieved the expected standard in maths, with 15% working at greater depth

Reading, writing and maths combined scores: 71% achieved the expected standard across all 3 subjects and 8% achieved greater depth in all subjects.

Progress Scores (from KS1 to KS2):

Reading: 1.7
Writing: 2.5
Maths: -0.2

Average scaled scores:

Reading: 105
Maths: 104