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Our Learning Behaviours Values and Ethos

Our School Vision: 

‘Caring for others and courageously striving for excellence

Our School Values:

Compassion, Resilience, Trust

Our Learning Behaviours:

We are aspirationalWe know:
• That going the extra mile really counts!
• What the purpose of our learning is and how to get even better
• How to challenge ourselves and make sure that we always strive for excellence
• What we need to do in order to be successful learners
• What skills we need for life
We are community-mindedWe know:
• How important our school is in our community
• How we can work together with St Mary’s Church, the Parish Council and the Good Neighbours Group to support our community
• How we can participate in charitable events to improve the lives of others all over the world
• How we can all work together in our own school community to make sure we have a safe, • kind and caring environment for us all
• That our community extends to the wider world and that we can all work together to improve the lives of others
We are curiousWe know:
• That to be curious is to make our learning interesting and fun
• That wanting to find out more will make us better learners
• Asking why is always GREAT!
• That being curious means never getting bored!
We are determinedWe know:
• That we all have a part to play in our learning
• What we need to do to make sure we always go the extra mile
• We should never give up
• That if what we are doing isn’t working, we can adapt our learning behaviour and try a different way
• That if we show determination, anything is possible!
We are independentWe know:
• How to organise ourselves and work out our own goals and priorities
• How to show personal responsibility, initiative, creativity and enterprise
• How to monitor our own performance and progress
• How to respond positively to feedback
• How to make changes to improve our learning