We are a nut free school close

Our school is a nut free zone. No nuts, nut products or anything made in factories containing nuts must be brought onto the school site or taken on school trips.

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Our Learning Behaviours Values and Ethos

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Here at Long Wittenham C of E (C) Primary School, we learn The Long Wittenham Way by being…:

  • Aspirational
  • Curious
  • Community-minded
  • Determined
  • Independent

Our learning behaviours are linked by 3 common threads and they are our core Christian values of:

  • Compassion
  • Resilience
  • Trust

Our vision: ‘Caring for others and courageously striving for excellence’ (Luke 10:25; Joshua 1:9)

How our Learning Behaviours are Presented Across our School

In EYFS (Owls Class), this looks like…

When I grow up…

I wonder…

I know what I need to do to get even better at…

I can think of other people in my community and around the world

I can take care of myself and my belongings

In Key Stages 1 and 2, (Parrots, Eagles & Penguins Class; years 1 – 6), this looks like…

AspirationalWe know:
• That going the extra mile really counts!
• What the purpose of our learning is and how to get even better
• How to challenge ourselves and make sure that we always strive for excellence
• What we need to do in order to be successful learners
• What skills we need for life
CuriousWe know:
• That to be curious is to make our learning interesting and fun
• That wanting to find out more will make us better learners
• Asking why is always GREAT!
• That being curious means never getting bored!
DeterminedWe know:
• That we all have a part to play in our learning
• What we need to do to make sure we always go the extra mile
• We should never give up
• That if what we are doing isn’t working, we can adapt our learning behaviour and try a different way
• That if we show determination, anything is possible!
Community-mindedWe know:
• How important our school is in our community
• How we can work together with St Mary’s Church, the Parish Council and the Good Neighbours Group to support our community
• How we can participate in charitable events to improve the lives of others all over the world
• How we can all work together in our own school community to make sure we have a safe, kind and caring environment for us all
• That our community extends to the wider world and that we can all work together to improve the lives of others
IndependentWe know:
• How to organise ourselves and work out our own goals and priorities
• How to show personal responsibility, initiative, creativity and enterprise
• That we all need to anticipate, take and manage risks
• How important it is to commit ourselves to learning and self-improvement
• How to respond positively to change
• How to monitor our own performance and progress
• How to invite feedback and deal positively with praise, setbacks & criticism
• How to make changes to improve our learning
• How to communicate our learning in appropriate ways depending on different audiences

What our Learning Behaviours mean to us:

To understand how important our Learning Behaviours are to our school community, we have first and foremost considered what our Unique Selling Point is:

  • We are a small rural school in an area of natural beauty which is steeped in history
  • We work closely with our village community and our local schools in Didcot and extended towns
  • We have forged strong links with St Mary’s Church in our village and attend often
  • Forest School is just across the road and all children in school benefit from their Forest School sessions
  • We enjoy excellent relationships with our parents 
  • Our children are happy, feel safe and share a love of learning

As school leaders, teachers and support staff, we know our children extremely well and are fully committed to enabling an exciting, engaging and aspirational curriculum that supports all of our learners (staff as well as pupils) to achieve their true ambition while developing the skills needed for life.   It is for this reason that we have chosen the following learning behaviours that suit our unique school and the unique pupils and staff who come here.  We are all striving to be:

  • Aspirational
  • Curious
  • Determined
  • Community-minded
  • Independent

Of course, our Christian values of compassion, resilience and trust are the common threads that bind our learning and behaviour in our school.  Our vision statement is ‘Caring for others and courageously striving for excellence’ (Luke 10:25; Joshua 1:9) and this is the very fibre of our being here at Long Wittenham Primary School.  Both our vision and our values are intrinsic in all that we do.

How Do Our Learning Behaviours Work?

All of our learning behaviours are displayed in our classrooms as well as the main showcase corridor in school (between Owls and Parrots classes).  Children understand their meaning because each short term focuses on a new learning behaviour.  The focus for the term is determined by the range of topics and skills pertinent to that term and is decided by all staff during staff meetings.  This behaviour is the focus of marking and feedback in books and is referred to throughout lessons to re-emphasise its relevance in our every-day work.  It is also the subject of our Friday Celebration Worship to which parents and carers are invited.

Two Learning Spotters in every class are chosen each week and it is their responsibility to nominate the pupils who have demonstrated the very best learning behaviours during that week.  Each person in school (staff and pupils) has a Learning Behaviour Star Card on which they collect stars when they have demonstrated the focused learning behaviour.  When their card is full, they bring it to the Headteacher and receive an award in Friday Celebration Worship.  It is vital that all staff also take part in this so that the learning behaviour is modelled at all times.