Penguins – years 5 & 6

Welcome to Penguins Class!  We’re in years 5 and 6 and our teacher is Mrs Richards.  Our teaching assistant is Miss Deyes.

For online resources during the COVID closure – please visit this news page

Our projects

We will be sharing ‘knowledge organisers’ for each project by email.  in these you will find all of the information and skills that we are going to learn in school.  It would be fantastic if you could help us at home too!  At the end of every week we have class quizzes to make sure our knowledge is improving all of the time.  We focus on our learning behaviours to help us by being aspirational, curious, determined, independent and community-minded in all that we do. 

This year, we are in cycle A of our long term plan so our projects are:

Autumn termSpring termSummer term
RevolutionHola Mexico!Beast Creator

Summer term

This term our project is Beast Creator.  It has a science focus, and we have been learning initially about how to classify different minibeasts using classification keys, key features of different insects and how they are adapted to their habitat. We are also learning about food webs and considering the impact of human interaction on animals within both microhabitats and larger habitats. Our studies have and still are taking us on a journey around the world, and we have been producing interactive maps of the world to show some of these creatures.

This has been a great ‘remote’ project, which has involved children getting outside and exploring the microhabitats around them.  At the end of the first half of this term, Penguins were challenged to write an Epic Adventure incorporating their scientific knowledge into a story, and here are some of them.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

Daniel’s story

Evie’s story

Edward’s story

Lucas’s story

Josh’s Interactive map (requires MS Powerpoint)

We have also begun to read the book ‘Trash!’ by Andy Mulligan. Each week, we will be completing a writing project. Week 1’s challenge was to research the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Here are some of our writing. Great job Penguins.

Christpher’s research

Daniel’s research

Lucas’s research

Ryan’s research

Spring term

Penguins visited Mexico in Spring Term, through their project Hola Mexico.  We started off with a huge fiesta in the classroom, complete with a ‘non-alcoholic’ cocktail bar where we all got to try some traditional Mexican drinks.  Huge thank you to Mrs Crosskey and Mrs Shipway, who manned the bar and did a fantastic job of developing our knowledge and understanding of native Mexican fruits and flavours.  We have also created projects about Mexico using our research skills, and learned about the human geography of the country.  Alas the great big Mexican Evening we had planned had to be cancelled due to school closure at the end of March, but I know our class’s love of all things Mexican still runs deep.

Autumn term

What a fantastic first term Penguins have had. Everyone has made such a great start to the academic year and there has been amazing progress made.  Thank you all for your support with homework and communicating any problems directly with us.  That close relationship has been so important this term. We have been fortunate to have had many enrichment experiences this term.  

In September the PTA very kindly funded our ‘Victorian School Day.’ We have also visited Rutherford Appleton for Space Explorers Day, been to see Mary Poppins Returns and most recently visited ‘The Cornerstone’ to watch Pinocchio.  Thank you for your continuing support with these.

We have finally finished our theme of ‘Revolution’ which looked at life in Victorian times.  We have learnt about what life was like in Victorian times, and compared it to life today.  We also completed our own history project with Janet Haylett, finding out what life was like in Long Wittenham in 1881, using census records and also old photographs and written accounts.  It was really interesting and our finished display can be seen in Long Wittenham church over the festive period.  Mrs Haylett, along with her friend Pat and Hayley Shayler-Brown also provided help and support to the class when we made traditional Victorian Christmas treats and crafts.

Year 5 and 6 have both has sessions at Forest School, where they have developed core skills of communication, independence and working safety.  They have also improved their skills at identifying woodland species. Next term year 6 will be returning to Forest School, where they will be improving their use of tools to whittle and sculpt.