Lucas’s story

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Hi, I’m Lucas, I’m ten years old and something very strange happened to me a few days ago, that’s why I’m writing in this book, so you can know. Remember though, you are the only person I can trust so do not tell anyone or it will come for you too!

I woke up this morning and big, bright, beaming blue eyes greeted me. It was my mum.

“What do you want?” I groaned in a sleepy tone. “Just you to go into the woods to pick up a few blackberries, that’s all” She replied. Quite shocked, I knew what she was going to say. So, I got out of bed and glared at my clock. 5 IN THE MORNING! I didn’t know what my mum was playing at but I didn’t care. I like going to the woods, all of the sights, the smells and even tastes. I chucked on my jacket, kicked off my slippers and off I went.

As I strode down my sneaky shortcut, I saw a weird purple glow in the sky. It struck to the ground like a hammer, as the smoke cleared out leaped a stormy bluebottle, it was as angry as a bull in a red room filled with Mario’s. It jumped up wings and all and buzzed past me so quickly I fell over. Next thing I knew I was staring up at a pink blossom tree, although it was the size of my house or maybe even bigger, I felt calm until I saw the bluebottle again. Fluttering down the road like nothing ever happened. How rude!

I continued my shortcut towards the woods, I could see loads of minibeasts. They were giant though; they were like the size of me! As I grew closer, an ant stopped and looked strangely at me. It was one of those reddish ones that everyone in school tells you are poisonous. After looking at me for about thirty seconds he moved on. I was confused. As I strode along I saw a caterpillar who was just building a cocoon (chrysalis if you want to be brainy). As I was looking at it, out of the corner of my eye I saw a glowing blue and pink toadstool, it was like I was meant to see it. As I grew closer the toadstool melted and reformed itself into a giant claymore. It was like the sword out of the King Arthur films. A weird voice appeared inside my head, it said something about using the melted mushroom and destroying the purple. What was the purple? Why would I destroy it? Although I had no clue what it meant I knew it was time for my adventure to continue and also to find those blackberries for Mum. As soon as it finished talking or whatever it was doing a rainbow appeared which lead right up to the clouds, high up in the sky. Was I meant to go up there? I thought I wasn’t ready but the voice reassured me, so I strode up the rainbow pathway to certain death. I thought about my family and the time where we saw a man riding a rainbow and I thought that if I come out of here alive I might slide back down, just for fun. That thought brought a smile to my face but then I remembered I needed to:

After walking for a good ten minutes the beautiful pathway of red, yellow, blue, green and orange stopped and started again turning into purple. I could sense something was near. Then out of nowhere, the pathway began to twist and turn, I was nearly upside-down. Thinking fast I jammed the sword into the floor which was now a wall, I hung there for what felt like a lifetime which was actually only a few seconds. To my relief the wall began to move and reformed into a floor, what was happening?

Then I saw him, well not him more like it, a huge purple woodlouse, he swung his fists at me. Surprisingly, the blow didn’t meet my face, my sword had shot up from the ground and into my hand, blocking the attack. Then I countered, swinging the sword upwards towards him. He was knocked off his feet. As I ran forward I screamed “Aaaarrrrhhhh” like people do in films when attempting to finish of their foe. As I ran, the creature said “This isn’t the last you will see of meeeeeeee” as he fell of the edge of the cloud. A few seconds later, the air thinned, as did the floor. As I fell I thought that this was the end, but I didn’t get to finish the thought because I had fallen onto the blossom tree I saw earlier. It was a relief that I was back to the ground, well near enough to the ground since I had been in the sky that entire time. 

When I was back on the solid pavement, I dusted myself down and shook my head in astonishment, had that really happened? I turned to start walking back home when I remembered that I needed to go and get blackberries, that was why I was out in the first place. As I turned round I was greeted by a ladybird, only it was the size of me and it could talk! “Oh my golly gosh, is it really you?” She asked, “Oh please excuse my manners. Hi, I’m Patty, also known as the voice inside your head earlier ” 

“Hi?” I replied, a bit freaked out.

“Oh you’re quite worried that I’m the same size as you aren’t you. And that I’m a ladybird. Well I’m here to patch up all the holes ok?” (I realised now that she always started a sentence with oh)

“Ok, but how come you sound different?” I said

“Oh, so basically my master thinks that ladybirds sound funny so he installed a voice changer into our coms so we sound more low pitched when we talk to saviours in times of need.” She answered, like she knew everything (So far it seems she does know everything)

“Yeah I get it now but who are these “Saviours” you keep talking about?”

“Oh so saviours a-.”

“Can you please stop starting sentences with oh”

“Oh-kay” She joked “But like I was saying, saviours are people like you, they are people who can go out exploring and defeat different mini-dangers along the way. In this case you needed to stop Clouse from stopping all sunlight coming to earth.”

“Is Clouse the woodlouse?”

“Yeah, you are starting to get the hang of this now aren’t you?”

I shrugged, I was confused.

“Anyway, here’s a blackberry” She produced a blackberry from under her wing. It was tiny, I didn’t even know what it would be useful for. “ It will grow when you grow, and growing is nearer than you think”

“But” I stuttered “Why me, why did the rainbow appear for me? Where did Clouse go?” but she was gone, all I could hear was her strange voice in the wind saying she would see me next time.

As she said that, me and the blackberry grew back to our normal sizes. The feeling was extraordinary, it felt like you have just been on a really long rollercoaster and just got off, to find that your mum thought it would be a good idea to feed you candyfloss.  When I got home I looked in my hand. Five blackberries? I thought the ladybird gave me one? Either way my mum took them from me, ruffled my hair and disappeared into the kitchen with a smile on her face. I disappeared into my daydreams of the journey I’d had that morning. Later Mum appeared in the doorway with a huge slice of apple and blackberry pie, the purple colour did make me a little nervous but I was starving. “Yum, thanks” I said wondering had a dreamt it all. The end, or is it…

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