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Proud Cloud

This is the proudest area of our website where we showcase all of the amazing work and achievements of all of our pupils in school.  Please browse through it and see what we have been up to during our remote learning at home and in school with our bubbles.

Art Gallery

This weeks new masterpieces:

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Some highlights from Home school over the last few months:

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Writer’s club

Our collection of great writing from across the school.

I am the hope, by Jamie

Awakened by my touch of warmth.
The tiny buds begin to sprout.
As I scatter the ground, with a new lease of life.

Read the rest here

9 Acroctic poems, by Evie

Little Effort

Luke 24:1-8, a play, by Emily

It was early in the morning that two women took spices that they had prepared to the tomb of Jesus.
The two women carry the spices to the tomb.
read on…

Summer, by Emily (Penguins)

Summer sun on my skin,
Smiling down while I swim.
Warm pool water splash in my face,
A trip to the beach, that’s my favorite place.

Summer foods like a barbeque,
I love to eat it, What about you?
Waiting for the sound ice cream man,
And buying a delicious cold ice cream from his van.

Summer holidays are so much fun,
Schools out, our work is done.
Car packed up for a week away,
Where I spend my time playing all day.

My favourite season, by Bonnie (Penguins)

I cover Summer’s blue with my white clouds.
I cry tears of joy from the sky because it is my time now and they fall like raindrops.
With my magic fingers, I snap and click and the leaves turn orange, yellow, brown and red.
I force the flowers to curl up and retire.
I whistle with my chilly wind and make the people start to huddle up inside their houses.
I try my very best to let a last little ray of sunshine seep through the fingers of mother nature.
I wave goodbye to Summer and I welcome Winter.

The Nile, by Daniel (Penguins), Feb, 2021

In a country made 90% out of desert water is extremely hard to find. Thankfully, the Egyptians have one thing going for them: the river Nile.

How to make Bronze, by Dylan (Eagles), Feb 2021

An illustrated guide to making Bronze from Tin and Copper. View here

Giraffe Olympics, by Evie (Penguins) , Feb 2021

The crowd falls silent as the first competitor gets ready to dive. Representing Spain, it’s Pablo Giraffe. Pablo takes a run and, wow what a dive! That was an incredible reverse dive, he enters the water with barely a splash. The crowd go wild! Read on…

The Giraffe Driving Contest, by Lucas (Penguins), Feb 2021

Here at the Jeffery Toys ‘r’ Us Memorial Dome, the air is electric with excitement and fear at this year’s Fast-Paced-Giraffe-Diving-Contest-Of-Champion-Divers-Diving-Competition (or FPGDCOCDDC for short). If for some reason you are watching on a black and white TV, the first diver is next to the yellow giraffe, and opposite to the giraffe with the brown spots… Read on…