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Remote learning

‘Back to school’ planning meeting, recorded on 03 March 2021, in which the Head explains plans for reopening the school on 8th March.

Our staff have recorded the following messages for you to mark the first half term of 2021:

Mrs Bellingham (Head)
Mrs Rowley (Owls)
Miss Mason (Parrots)
Miss McLachlan (Eagles)
Mrs Kane (Penguins)
Mrs Folkman

Our school is now closed to all children except those who are vulnerable or children of critical workers.  Our Remote Learning Plan is now in place and uses Microsoft Teams as its platform.

All pupils are accessing the same work whether that is at home or in school.  In accordance with guidance from the DfE, pupils have been set work as follows:

All pupils have a morning check in video call with their TA and Class Teacher.  This is an opportunity for them to discuss the day’s tasks, or for the parents of our younger children to check learning with the teacher.  Pupils use this as an opportunity to interact with their friends and keep in touch.  There are other opportunities for catch ups throughout the day and pupils and staff interact with one another via the chat function in Teams.  Work is submitted on Teams and outcomes feedback to the children either in written form (on the piece of work or via chat) or verbally.

Planning for English takes the form of our usual planning method, but parents may see that we are using smaller units of work so that pupils maintain engagement and have opportunities to write every single day.  Writing planning is always based on a rich text which provides opportunities to explore writing genres, grammar, vocabulary and skill.  A Power Point presentation always accompanies the plan for the week as well as a voice over recording providing specific instructions as well as setting high expectations for outcomes.  A range of genres is covered from traditional tales, narrative, letters, reports, diaries and poetry.  Our long-term plan can be viewed in our Curriculum Offer and Learning Behaviours document on our website.

Maths continues in the form of White Rose maths.  Children are signposted to the Power Point presentation, again with voice over recording, which provides all of the information and instructions needed to continue the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Our Remote Learning Plan details the websites we subscribe to.  These are to be used to enrich the learning experience but by no means are to be used as the only learning resource – we want to limit screen time as much as everyone else.

We continue to do all we can to support pupils in school as well as at home and fully appreciate how difficult this is for parents working from home and engaging with remote learning.  We are all here to help as much as we can under the current government guidance, and we are very much looking forward to seeing all of our families back in school when it is safe.

With warmest wishes and please stay safe,

Alison Bellingham, Headteacher

Remote Learning Plan

LWPS COVID Risk Assessment

COVID Catch-up Premium Plan